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DaJé Barbour by Danny Lang

this dude is unreal alien from utopia future 

He literally has golden eyes I’ve never been more jealous in my fucking life

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Anonymous: you dont tag trigger warnings?



i always get shit when i talk about this but the reason i dont tag tw is bc

a) the term ‘trigger’ is meant to refer 2 those with PTSD those w severe anxiety and/or survivors of various forms of abuse it indicates an extreme reaction 2 certain stimulus like a panic attack/flashback/blackout caused by ur brain being unable to handle the resurgence of something horrific that happened to u 

b) with that being said, i dont post triggering content. i havent talked about serious triggering shit on this blog for a long time in fact i think the last time i tagged smth was when i reblogged this youtube video about domestic abuse probs like 6 months ago nowadays i just reblog pretty pictures and make fun of anons 

b) i get a thousand messages everyday from ppl suggesting i should tag shit like ‘spiders, ‘blood’, ‘feet’, ‘ghosts’, etc and it seriously pisses me off that u guys really believe ‘triggering’ equals ‘it makes me uncomfortable’ im not here to make tumblr a better place for u im not even getting paid man it’s ur responsibility to take care of yourself when it comes to these random ass ‘triggers’ if u cant see a gif of a ghost on ur dash you shouldn’t be online at all

d) in fact, ive come to the conclusion that demanding one of these lame ass trigger warnings it’s just a way 2 identify yourself as even more aware even more solicitous than the person who failed to ~adequately~ provide such a ridiculous warning. when i see ppl tagging ‘tw: spiders’ i cant help but think they are not demonstrating a sensitivity towards a topic but rather they just wanna be ‘seen’ doing so 2 demand that others ‘ought’ to do the same to validate one’s politics. this whole ’trigger’ business is less about protecting ppl from potentially re-traumatizing events and more 2 do with flagging up your right-on credentials even if it means silencing those who have actually gone through actual traumatizing events.

1. As someone with PTSD amongst other disorders, I assure you that is categorically untrue. Trigger is a term used by psychologists that refer to things including but not limited to: things that cause depressive and manic spirals, things that cause panic attacks (including phobias, like arachnophobia), things that cause suicidal ideation, things that cause self harm cravings, disordered eating cravings, dysphoric episodes, dissociation, dysmorphia, and self destructive behaviours. It’s used much the same way by the tumblr community who, by and large, encountered it’s use first through psychologists and therapists and decided to spread this to tumblr to create a safe space.

2. If someone has asked for a trigger warning, you’ve probably posted triggering content. You don’t know other people’s triggers. In fact, even restricted to PTSD, triggers can be odd precise things that have very personal associations (sometimes even associations the sufferer can’t understand) to the trauma they have suffered. That can even extend as far as colours!

3. Saying that people shouldn’t exist in spaces because they suffer from extreme mental health issues is outright ableist. Including odd phobias! That simple.

4. Trigger warnings can create an environment that is inaccessible to those who are uneducated on them, yes. That can become classist, ableist and exclusive. The way to deal with this is to educate people, not to throw the concept out the window.

And this is also a reminder that if you think someone is too sensitive you do NOT deliberately expose them to things to get past that, which is what you do when you refuse to tag people’s phobias. Because blacklists. YOU DO NOT PERFORM PSYCHOTHERAPY WITHOUT SOMEONES CONSENT.


Do you think every president goes through a awkward first few weeks in office when they’re not sure when’s the right time to ask if aliens are real or not?




calling a man a “pig” is literally dehumanising how do some people not think there’s anything wrong with that how

Because chicks, fillies, birds and bitches never get dehumanised. Those vixens always get away with this kind of shit. Especially the heifers, they’re the worst. What cows.

Moreover, men get called pigs for disgusting behavior, whereas women are called chicks, birds, and vixens simply for being women.


I eat romantic shit up. If I were asked to just sit on a roof and look at the stars id probably internally combust




  • It’s called Master of the Universe.
  • It was originally published on Fanfiction.net (aka where fanfiction goes to die).
  • E.L. James’ pen name was Snowqueens Icedragon because of course it was.
  • Snowqueens Icedragon does not use quotation marks. 
  • She does, however, make up expressions like "my very small inner goddess sways in a gentle victorious samba" and “I can almost hear his sphinx-like smile through the phone.”
  • They spend more time filling out sex-related paperwork than they do actually having sex.
  • This is my reaction to all of the sex scenes:
  • image
  • Because the human body doesn’t work like that
  • This is my reaction to everything else:
  • image
  • Because the english language doesn’t work like that.

The 50 Shades of Grey trailer just dropped, so here’s a link to the original Twilight fanfiction that the book is “based” off of, because if you’re gonna read the book before you see the movie you might as well read it in its original format. 

Reblogging because the reaction gifs are spot on.

I couldn’t stand FSOG and couldn’t make it past the sporking of the second book - but if you’re interested in the “original” fanfiction, now you have it. And if you’re interested in some genius sporking of it:


The audio ones are the best.